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Watching every pour so you don't have to

What is BarLinq?

BarLinq's innovative technology changes the way you run your bar.  Over pouring and misusing the POS account for billions of dollars of lost profit.  BarLinq identifies these inefficiencies before they become an issue. 

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Beer & Liquor Inventory Monitoring Solution 

How BarLinq Works

BarLinq is like having an assistant manager present 24 / 7,
keeping pours honest and ensuring proper drink consistency. 

We uncover inefficiencies not easily identified by any bar owner and provide customized reporting to generate growth and improve employee performance.  

Invisible Hardware

Fits seamlessly into any bar without disruptions

70+ POS Connections

Integrates with every major POS in the industry 

Every Ring & Pour

Tracks every pour and match to your POS data 

Actionable Data 

Identifies where every ounce of liquor goes 

POS Connections

Over 70 of the top POS companies

We pull sales data and reconcile pours vs sales to quantify daily pour cost.

Patented Smart Scales

Customized for your back bar and wells


Monitors bottle movement and weight


Heavy duty. durable and easy to clean


24/7 data monitoring and insight team


Tap Flow Meters

Monitor beer used


Cross reference beer sold


Increase revenue


Stephen Carty

Owner, Spillane Group 

"BarLinq experts identify habits that are costing your business tens of thousands of dollars per year per habit! If it worked for me, it will work for you."

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We save clients' thousands per month

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About us

BarLinq is a restaurant & bar centric, patented hardware & software platform that increases the bottom line by reducing liquor costs through identification of inefficiencies leading to waste.

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